Australians have always loved their beer, whether it’s a reward for a hard days work or kicking back at a bbq at a mate’s place.  Back in the good old days we drank the same beer as our dad  (who drank the same beer as his dad) and if it was a special occasion you’d treat yourself with a Crownie. These days a there has been somewhat of a craft beer revolution as beer drinkers shy away from traditional styles and brands  and start to experiment with new flavours and brews. 9/11 bottleshops all stock the standard  beers that you’d expect to find at your local and some (like the Gasworks) specialise in craft and international beers.  If your local 9/11 doesn’t stock your favourite brew, have a word to the managers and we’ll do our best to get it in for you!

Beer Categories

Defining beer categories has recently become a difficult task as more and more international beers are now brewed under licence in Australia and everybody tries to cash in on the craft beer trend.  Here is a pretty simple guide to how we categorise beer:

Classic Full Strength

  • boags-draught.png
  • cascade-draught.png
  • victoria-bitter.png
  • carlton-draught.png

Classic Mid Strength

  • xxxx-gold.png
  • carlton-mid.png

Classic Light Strength

  • cascade-premium-light.png
  • boags-premium-light.png



Premium Australian

Premium International

(* brewed under licence)

Beer Styles

Lager: bottom fermenting yeast, tend to be clean and crisp (great with fish & chips)

Ale: top fermented yeast, with a sweet, fruity flavour (great with chicken, fish or burgers)

Pale Ale: brewed with pale malts (great with fish such as grilled snapper or a tasty burger)

India Pale Ale: IPAs are jam packed with flavour, with a strong hop taste and usually strong floral or citrus notes.  Originally the additional hops were added to help the beer last the journey from India to England (try this with a curry or a creamy blue cheese)

Draught: really just means from a tap, great sessionable beers

Stout: brewed using roasted malt or barley, characterised by a thick, creamy head (ideal with a rich chocolate dessert)

Pilsner: variety of pale lager, named after Pilzen in the Czech Republic (especially good with seafood such as oysters or scallops or chicken)


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  • coopers-pale-ale-12-pack.png