Tasmanian Spirits

Australia now boasts more distilleries than Ireland and we have a celebrated Tasmanian named Bill Lark to thank for that honour.  Legend has it that in the early ‘90s Bill and his father were trout fishing in the Central Highlands and realised that all of the essential ingredients to make a good whisky were right underneath their noses…barley, peat and pure water.  The only thing holding Bill back was that under the Distillation Act of 1901 is was actually illegal to operate a small scale distillery in Australia (this was done to stop the production of moonshine back in the day).  So Bill spoke to a local parliamentarian and got that changed and now the state boasts some of the world’s best whiskies and spirits.  Names such as Sullivan’s Cove, McHenry & Sons and Nant have joined Larks in producing spirits that are being recognised across the globe as truly world class.  In fact Sullivan’s Cove can boast the World’s Best single malt whisky in 2014 with their French Oak Cask.  Due to the overwhelming success of these spirits they are often hard to come by and are released in very limited quantities, so your local 9/11 may have some or none – depending on the time of the year.  

Some of our favourites: